My┬átranslation of Brecht’s unfinished play The Real Life of Jacob Trotalong (Das wirkliche Leben des Jakob Gehherda) will be published in early 2019, in the collection of Brecht’s dramatic fragments┬áthat I have co-edited with Tom Kuhn (Bloomsbury). It was immensely enjoyable to translate this piece, which plays around with expressionistic and epic techniques and employs an enormous range of styles – dream sequences mean that the action can suddenly shift from the bar-room of a 1930s inn to the overplayed chivalry of a medieval joust.

I was also one of the translators for the new collection of Bertolt Brecht’s theoretical writings on peformance, Brecht on Performance (Bloomsbury, 2014). I focused in particular on Brecht’s ‘Modelbooks’ – the manuals that he produced for some of his most-performed plays.

Brecht on Performance

I translated one of the chapters in Zwei Wochen England, a collection of texts by former writers-in-residence at the Austrian Cultural Forum. In ‘The Blitz Experience’, Bettina Balaka reflects on a visit to the Imperial War Museum during her stay in London, and its odd mix of entertainment and memorialisation:

Bettina Balaka, ‘The Blitz Experience’, Heide Kunzelmann (ed.), Zwei Wochen England (Sonderzahl, 2012), pp. 72-104

Zwei Wochen England

I have translated a non-fiction title on the Gestapo for Oxford University Press. Despite the rather gruelling subject matter, I liked the fact that the book was written by historians keen to make this part of history more accessible and comprehensible.

Carsten Dams & Michael Stolle, The Gestapo (OUP, 2014)

The Gestapo